Cakes for men!

Hi everyone!

Clients often ask me about cake designs for men and often find it difficult to come up with an idea with which to decorate the cake.  I’m told – oh, cakes for ladies are so much simpler, flowers, colours, pearls, but what do you put on a cake for a man?

This week I had to make ‘a cake for a man’.  This man loves anything to do with any sort of sport, loves anything to do with anything Irish and also loves historical dates and events.  But what do you choose? Well, I chose his profession – a solicitor – as I’ve wanted to make a ‘book cake’ for a long time!  And a judge’s gavel – you know, the hammer he bangs on his desk when he wants attention!

The cake was 10″ long, 6″ wide and almost 6″ high, 3 layers of moist chocolate sponge filled with delicious silky chocolate buttercream.  The gavel and the gavel pad were made from dark modelling chocolate and decorated with edible gold paint.

The cake board was decorated to resemble highly polished wood with the wood grain visible to resemble a desk top.

So the next time you need ‘a cake for a man’ there are so many ideas to choose from – don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and have a chat with me and together we can come up with some great designs!